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An Overview


The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Guizhou Normal University (GZNU) originated in the English Department of National Guiyang Teacher’s College which was founded in 1941 as one of the first four departments. With the college expanding into Guizhou Normal University in 1985, the English Department grew into the Foreign Languages Department in the same year and then into SFL because of the administration reforms in the university in 2003. In July of 2016, the Foreign Language Teaching Department of GZNU became a part of SFL. There have been a host of famous scholars among its teaching faculty, such as Mr. Yang Hsien-yi (a world-known translator in literature area and also the first dean of the department), Gladys Yang, Cao Weifeng, and Chen Kui who started or strengthened the long and rigorous academic tradition it still cherishes today.


The past 70 years have witnessed the steady growth of SFL into one of a few strong schools of GZNU. SFL now has a faculty of 153, including 133 formally employed teaching staff, among which there are 70 professors and associate professors. So far, 24 teachers have received or are studying for their PhDs. The number of SFL’s full-time undergraduates amounts to more than 600, and that of its postgraduates is over 200.


SFL has one master degree point in first level of foreign languages and literatures, which is classified as a Key Subject at Provincial Level, and three in second level of linguistics and applied linguistics, English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, and offers two professional programs of MTI and Master of English Teaching, when it also recruits postgraduates majoring in Curriculum and Teaching Methodology in English stream and maintains co-operation with Oakland University, USA, in master programs. In addition, SFL runs undergraduate programs in English, Japanese and Russian, with the English program being one of the demonstrative ones in Guizhou Province. It also has a j...